Vitra V-Care WC

Introducing the Vitra V-Care, the new smarter WC combining the functionality of a toilet and the cleaning properties of a bidet.

·        Stylish design to look like a standard WC and to complement all types of bathroom styles.

·        The remote control & automatic sensors deliver a total hands-free experience.

·        Simple to use via remote control or buttons on the WC.

·        Multiple washing options.

·        Adjustable seat temperatures.

·        Adjustable drying options.

·        Automatic open & close seat.

·        Ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort.

·        Air purification for a fresher bathroom

·        Rim-Ex WC pan for increased hygiene & easier cleaner

Now on display in our showroom in Dibden Purlieu. Call in & ask for a demonstration.

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